A history of creativity

It’s only fitting that an iconic tool that’s inspired so many should have a creative origin story of its own.

In the beginning, there was metal

For centuries, people used heavy and uncomfortable scissors created entirely out of metal.

The man, the movement

In the ‘60s, Fiskars’ industrial designer Olof Bäckström favored clean designs and modular forms, sparking a mid-century, modern Scandinavian design movement that paved the way for the pared-down, organic aesthetic you see in all our products today.

Igniting change

No invention occurs in a vacuum. The upheaval of traditional design, paired with the plastics boom and advancements in manufacturing, all came together in a perfect storm to combine with Fiskars’ spirit of innovation to change the face of scissors forever.

A colorful twist of fate

Cups weren’t the only household items to undergo a plastic makeover. The color of Fiskars’ first plastic-handle scissors came about when leftover orange plastic from a juicer production line was accidentally used to make the first scissors samples. The new look struck such a chord that they even took it to a vote. Orange prevailed over black by a vote of 9-7, and an icon was born.

Establishing an icon

In the early ‘70s, Fiskars’ unique orange scissors made their way into the hands of home seamstresses all over the world. Their unbeatable lightness, ergonomics and performance made them a fast favorite, with many declaring them off limits to the rest of the family.

A work of art

In 2004, the timeless aesthetic of our iconic, Orange-handled Scissors earned them a spot in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection in New York. This distinction, along with many others, led to Orange-handled Scissors being granted its very own trademark.

Enduring creativity

This year, we’re commemorating 50 years of a design icon. More importantly, we’re celebrating the role our scissors have — and will continue to play — in helping people achieve their creative vision.

A tribute to the creative spirit

Explore our collection of stories dedicated to anyone who has ever aspired to express themselves — from the home seamstress of the late ‘60s to today’s world-renowned designers — and everyone in-between.

Helsinki Design Museum Exhibit

Featuring work from some of the world’s top designers, this exhibit is a special tribute to anyone who loves to create.

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