The stories we weave

For 50 years, our scissors have been a part of the fabric of life for creators all over the world. Here are some of their stories.

“I almost always have a pair of Fiskars Original Orange-handled Scissors with me.”

Brittni Mehlhoff, Paper & Stitch

“I can picture my grandmother sitting at her sewing machine with her various Orange-Handled Scissors strewn about her craft room creating magic. I started my own collection as I started my own craft journey and consider them an essential component.”

Brittany Jepsen, The House That Lars Built

“It’s such a versatile tool that we can’t work without.”

Amanda Nistor, Ruffled

“I think I was 26 when I bought my first Orange handles. It has been a while, and I am still in love!”

Liz O

“I really can’t remember when I got started using Fiskars, but it seems like these have always been part of my art career (since 1970!). I have different pairs for different materials and uses (paper, fabric, plants, kitchen & small pointy ones.) I love these scissors.”

Karen Stahlecker

WillOaks Studio

“I was 19 and they were a gift from my mom. Still have them 40 years later.”


Mussel Shell Cove

“Superior product and as a kid that orange meant, don’t ever get caught using them on paper. Moms fabric shears ONLY!”

Thomas Wall

“Fiskars is really THE classic standard scissors…My Fiskars scissors I have in my studio, I am very protective of them.”

Laura Ljungkvist

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“I have ’em all….from kids’ scissors, to different length cutting shears, to pinking shears, to pruning shears….but the most precious ones to me are the pink-handled cutting shears, in commemoration of breast cancer awareness….thank you Fiskars for 50 wonderful years…here’s to 50 more!”

Kathie Karagiannopoulos

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