Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph

Cecilie Rudolph

Textile, Print, Material Designer


Cecile Rudolph tablecloth

Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph is a Danish textile, print and material designer as well as a researcher.

She is a highly passionate, hands-on designer with an experimental approach toward creating which focuses on engaging the senses. From her multidisciplinary design studio, C.E.R Studio, in Copenhagen, she does unique art, innovative textile and material experiments, prints for the fashion industry, and commissioned design projects for both private customers as well as companies.


Q: Where do you get creative inspiration?

A: I am drawn to textiles and printed textiles in particular. I can be drawn to the colour, the material, the technique, the texture, and the complexity of the textile or a combination of these elements.

Items that carry a great history also easily inspire me, and I am often drawn by identity, tradition, and “the good old days”. I love exploring and digging into preexisting stories, but also to create my own imaginative stories for a project.

Q: What is your favorite part of your creative process?

A: I really love the research part of a project whether it includes library and museums visits, digging into a client’s archive or observing a trend. I also really like the ‘hands on’ process of designing something new. By being ‘hands on’ I am able to play around and experiment with colours, patterns and materials, and I am able to make immediate changes or improvements or go with a feeling. I love how a project or a piece can evolve like that.

Q: What role do Orange-handled Scissors play in your creative process?

A: As a textile designer, the scissor is to me, what I guess a hammer is to a carpenter: A crucial tool to get the job done and preferably done perfectly and precisely. I have many different scissors for different jobs, a paper scissor, a scissor for small details, a universal scissor and a fabric scissor. If you are stuck with a bad scissor, it can be an extremely frustrating part of the process, whereas whenever you have a good quality scissor, it is pure joy!

Q: How did the Orange-handled Scissors become a part of your life and design work?

A: I remember the scissor from the kitchen-draw in my childhood home but also from my dad’s workspace. I also remember my mums tiny little embroidery scissor in orange. We surround ourselves with so many things, tools and objects everyday – but still this specific scissor I remember clearly.

Q: What are the most important things to have at arm’s length in your design space?

A: I like having inspirational things around me- a beautiful mood board, flowers and different still life’s of my small collections of antique objects including old glass paperweights. Other than that, I have my favorite pen within reach, my sketch and notebook, a glass of water, my calendar, inspirational postcards and clippings, and some good music on the speaker.

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