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Photographer, stylist, author


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My name is Linda Lomelino, I’m a photographer, stylist and cookbook author from the south of Sweden. I’m the author of the blog Call Me Cupcake, which I started back in 2009 when I found my passion for baking and photography. I’ve since written and photographed four cookbooks that have been translated into several languages. I love coffee, Italian food, traveling and my little westie, Mozart.

How does your creative process start? Where do you look for inspiration? What are your tools for beginning a project? What are your methods for observation, ideation, prototyping, testing etc.?

I feel the most creative in the mornings and evenings and I love waking up early to find inspiration while I’m enjoying my morning coffee, even if I’m a bit of a night owl. After a cup or two of coffee, I can start my day. My creative process starts with just about anything, something that I feel inspired by. Sometimes it’s a fabric that I’d like to use in a shoot, a color theme or combination, a texture, a flower, an ingredient, a recipe, something I saw in a magazine or book.. or simply something that pops up in my head. When I haven’t done something creative in a while, it’s usually a struggle for me to get started on a new project, then the best idea is to just do something. Bake something, get out and take a few photos. Get some fresh air. Even rest for a bit. That usually gets me back on track even if I feel frustrated. But I think that’s the thing with creativity, it has it’s ups and downs.


Usually I look for inspiration in everyday life or nature. When I get an idea, I process it in my head for a while, try to imagine it. Then I scribble some ideas down on paper to make things clearer and to remember my thought process. I tend to forget so I need to write everything down by hand. Sometimes I get started on it immediately and other times I let the idea rest for a while.

What role do the Fiskars Original Orange-handled Scissors play in your creative process? What kind of projects do you rely on them for?

Honestly, I’ve grown up with a pair of Fiskars scissors so they’ve been there all along, and I’m pretty sure my dad still has them! So naturally, when I moved away from home I wanted to get a pair of my own. I always have them at my desk, to make sure I don’t have to look for them every time I need them. I use them for cutting flowers, for styling, for cutting baking paper, for packing orders for my shop and I know it’s gonna sound strange.. for cutting pizza!

How do you use Fiskars Original Orange-handled Scissors in your day to day life or routines? How do you utilize Original Orange-Handled Scissors in your design-art work and how do you like them?

Well, my day to day life is very much intertwined with my work life so I really use them for everyday tasks too. Probably at least once a day! When I go out to pick flowers, I take the foldable scissors with me in my bag. So convenient. I love them!

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