Our Scissors Exhibit

Welcome to a special collection of novel art, inspired by the color and form of our iconic Orange-handled Scissors.

Creativity on display

Our Scissors Exhibit is currently on display at the Helsinki Design Museum from September 8 – October 31, 2017. Dedicated to those who love to create, this exhibit celebrates the art of inspiration – as seen through the eyes of some of the world’s top designers. Take a closer look at some of the pieces on display, or take a virtual tour of the exhibit below.

A tribute to the creative spirit

Explore our collection of stories dedicated to anyone who has ever aspired to express themselves — from the home seamstress of the late ‘60s to today’s world-renowned designers — and everyone in-between.

A history of creativity

It’s only fitting that an iconic tool that’s inspired so many should have a creative origin story of its own.

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